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[1.28 更新] 2019 新年艺术作品展 New Year Art Exhibition

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由西纽约州中华联谊会和彩虹桥文化中心合作举办的中国新年猪年艺术作品展将于2019年2月在春节晚会演出地(UB CFA)展出, 现开始向会员和社区征集作品




分组具体规定:6岁以下组, 6-9岁组, 10-16岁组,16岁以上为成人组,以及老年组。

报名时间:周一至周五 2:30PM-6:00PM 周六10:00AM-6:00PM

报名地址:2390 North Forest Rd. Suite 8, Getzville NY 14068 (彩虹桥文化中心)



In celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Pig, the Chinese Club of Western New York and the Rainbow Bridge Culture Center will jointly host an art exhibition during the New Year Celebration Performance Show in February 2019 at UB Center for Arts. The collection of art work starts now.

The themes of the exhibition are unrestricted; we encourage an emphasis on the traditional Chinese culture and the Year of the Pig with festive and positive messages.

We encourage works in any form, such as photography, painting, calligraphy, paper cutting, clay sculpture, dough modeling, fabric art, origami, carving, and weaving.

All art works will be presented at the primary exhibition at the Buffalo Chinese School on February 2nd, 2019.  The organizing committee will invite professionals to conduct a comprehensive assessment. All the art works will be grouped by age, and judged and awarded accordingly. (1.28 update: Due to time conflict of our judges, the assessment is advanced to 1/27. If you have registered by 1/26 but did not submit your work, you can still submit as soon as possible to be considered.)

Sub-group specific provisions: Under 6, 6-9, 10-16, 16 and above for the adult group, and the elderly group.

Registration time:  2:30PM-6:00PM Mon.-Fri., and 10:00AM-6:00PM Sat..

Registration address: 2390 North Forest Rd. Suite 8, Getzville NY 14068 (Rainbow Bridge Culture Center)

Registration phone: 716-548–8330

Application deadline: January 26th, 2019