Buffalo Chinese School

The objective of the school is to provide an environment and opportunity for all interested (with or without Chinese heritage) students to learn Chinese language and culture. The school teaches standard Mandarin, its Romanization system, pinyin, and simplified characters, and it emphasizes all four aspects of the acquisition of a language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Buffalo Chinese School is a non-profit, non-political, and non-religious educational organization. It was established in the middle of the 1990s by a group of enthusiastic parents with only a dozen students. Today, it has developed into an organization with more than 100 students at 12 levels.

The School is supervised by the Board Committee which consists of parent and teacher representatives and by the Parent Committee. It is affiliated with the Western New York Chinese Club and a member school of the Chinese School Association of the United States. We welcome and appreciate donations from organizations and individuals.

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WNY Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Western New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce (WNY-CCC) is a non-profit organization operating under the Chinese Club of Western New York (CC-WNY). Its primary mission is to provide a platform for local Chinese business owners, individuals, and other business entities to network and communicate. It will also function as a catalyst to promote entrepreneurship and foster beneficial collaborations between Chinese and American businesses within the Western New York Community.

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Buffalo Chinese Health Professionals

We are a non-profit organization aimed to facilitate the professional and social interactions of Buffalo area medical and biomedical research professionals of Chinese origin or descent. It provides a platform for professional collaborations, meetings, and social gatherings. The goals of BCHP are to promote professional development and social networking of its members.

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Chinese Youth Club

The mission of the Chinese Youth Club of Western New York is to spread awareness of the Chinese culture through events for the members of the local Chinese community. This club has been active since 1999, and we hope it will continue to grow throughout the coming years.

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Buffalo Chinese Chorus

If you enjoy singing and would like to improve, you’re welcome to join the Chorus Club. The Chorus Club was founded in 1997 by a close group of friends devoted to the study of choral composition. The club meets weekly on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm, under the tutelage of teacher Huang Lan. The group studies Chinese and foreign music providing opportunities for solo, ensemble, and choral songs.

Buffalo Fang Hua Dance Team


Buffalo Fang Hua Dance Team was formed in 2003 based on the foundation of several Taiwanese friends’ dance teams. When their teacher moved away, the remaining members decided to pool their resources to hire a new instructor. In 2004, the 9-member new team debuted at the CCWNY Spring Festival Gala performing “High Sky Flowing Clouds,” a popular folk dance, which was well-received by the audience. Since then, new members have joined every year, and the dance team has contributed group dances to the Spring Festival Gala every year as well.

水牛城芳华舞蹈队,是2003年在几位台湾朋友的舞队基础上组建的。她们的老师搬迁后,留下的队员决定合资请新老师。2004年,9位成员新队在牛城春晚首演胶州秧歌 “高天流云”,受到观众喜爱。 此后,年年有新人加入,舞队也年年为春晚贡献群舞。

CCWNY Senior Club

Tai Chi Kong Fu Group

Buffalo Chinese Soccer Team

Volleyball Group