Chinese Club of Western New York

Chinese Club of Western New York, a.k.a. CCWNY, was originally formed as the Chinese Club of Buffalo in 1954 by the local Chinese American community. We are a charitable corporation under Section 402 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law of the New York State, and in 1988, we were recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Our officers are all volunteers.

Today, we have hundreds of active members and various community groups such as Buffalo Chinese School, Western New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Buffalo Chinese Health Professionals, Youth Club, Senior Club, etc.

Through organizing community events and services, we preserve our culture and promote fellowship among members. We cultivate a social network of trust and participate in local events. As a member of the greater community, we promote cultural exchanges. We welcome new and old friends to join us to build a more cohesive community, enhance our image, and grow our influence.


Provide a centralized home for the local Chinese community in WNY.

  • Celebrate our culture and heritage.
  • Connect and communicate with our local community.
  • Engage, empower, and support for our members.

Support the Chinese-American community as part of the overall community.

  • Bridge the communication gaps via cultural introduction.
  • Support the overall community as a group by demonstrating the values and contributions we bring to the community.
  • Work toward increasing representation in local government policy-making.

Promote a mutual cultural exchange with the overall community.

  • Identification of cultural differences, and imitating discussion for mutual understanding.
  • Actively coordinate social events and activities, including but not limited to events open to the general public.

Oversee the Buffalo Chinese School, which provides all levels of Chinese language classes to kids of our members.

  • Supervise operations at the Buffalo Chinese School, offering comprehensive Chinese language instruction catering to the diverse needs of our members’ children.
  • Facilitate a dynamic learning environment encompassing all proficiency levels, ensuring a rich educational experience for young learners within our community.

Membership Benefits

Be eligible to register your kids for the classes at the Buffalo Chinese School.
Expand your social network in the Chinese American community. Join any of our sub-groups and their activities.
Participate in various activities and events organized by the CCWNY, and enjoy membership discount or free entrance at these events.
Join our community correspondence list for all updates on our club activities.
Join Facebook and WeChat groups, and share information with the community.
Enjoy discounts at local restaurants and retailers.
Opportunities to volunteer for the community.
Vote at our election.

More to come…

Note: some sub-groups have their own membership requirements.

集社区力量  展华人形象  扩社会影响

Certificate of Incorporation

We are a charitable corporation under Section 402 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law of the New York State

We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization recognized by IRS

Each year we are required by law to file an IRS 990 EZ form. The most recent 3 years’ forms are available at GuideStar.



我们每年依法提交 IRS 990 EZ 表格,最近三年的表格可在 GuideStar 查询。