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[8.11 更新] 2018夏日迎新野餐派对活动 (Summer Picnic Party)

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大家好,为了给布法罗的炎炎夏日增添乐趣,欢迎新朋友和重聚老朋友,西纽约中华联谊会一年一度的野餐派对又要来啦!我们将于8月19日(周日)10am-5pm联合Erie County Fair(地址:5600 McKinley Pkwy, Hamburg, NY 14075)为大家奉上一次好吃、好玩的体验。届时,现场将有野餐、小游戏,会员册发放,以及旋转木马、旋转飞轮等丰富多彩的游乐场设施,所以非常欢迎大家带小朋友来玩!

CCWNY will host our annual summer picnic party on August 19, 10am-5pm at Erie County Fair (Address: 5600 McKinley Pkwy, Hamburg, NY 14075). It’s a kids friendly event including a picnic, games, badminton, and all kinds of rides from the fair.

 场地介绍 About the Fair

Erie County Fair是布法罗一年一度的盛大嘉年华。我们很荣幸今年能与官方取得合作,并为大家争取到了团购价!集会现场面积巨大,还有赛车道,马场,农场等设施,更有各种小摊,各种美食,各种娱乐,等你来玩!

Erie County Fair is one of the biggest annual carnivals in Buffalo area. Foods, rides, shows and exquisite souvenirs are here waiting for you. It even has a car race, stud farm with horses, cows and more. We collaborate with the fair organizers and receive a price discount for our members!

费用 Admission

1. 门票 Gate Admission

成人$6.560岁及以上 $4.5, Adults: $6.5 and Seniors (60+): $4.5.
12岁及以下免费,Free if 12 and under

2. 餐饮费 Food


You are welcome to bring dishes to share, additional foods/drinks will be provided.  (When registering, you can join our WeChat group to update the dish information; the quantity is expected to be consistent with the number of people you bring).

会员+带菜=免费, member+ dish = free

会员+不带菜=$5, member + no dish = $5

非会员+带菜=$10, general + dish = $10

非会员+不带菜=$15, general + no dish = $15

注:若您有意成为协会会员或续缴会费,请访问这里。If you wish to get the membership or just renew it, please visit here.

现在报名 Register Now


To ensure the supply of tickets and food, please fill the registration form below by August 16, 2018.

报名链接 Registration Link 

 现在购票 Purchase Ticket Now

在线支付 Online payment


Due to PayPal’s limitation, we charge $6.5/person (the extra $2 charge for each senior will be refunded on the event day).

1)门票+餐饮费 合票,Gate ticket and food together

会员+带菜,member+ dish($6.5)

会员+不带菜,member+ no dish($11.5)

非会员+带菜,general + dish($16.5)

非会员+不带菜,general + no dish($21.5)

2)游乐场整日畅玩(Amusement Rides for the Day 10AM-10PM)

儿童成人统一价 (Same price for all ages)

请在下方空白处留下购买者姓名,并点击黄色按钮购买 (Leave your name in the window below, then press the yellow button to pay)

领票和现场支付(现金或支票) Getting gate tickets and onsite payment (cash or check)

时间:9:30am-12:00pm, Aug. 19th.

地点:Fuji Grill 2*, 4151 McKinley Pkwy, Buffalo, NY 14219 (Ourside the restaurant)

现场还会发放午餐手环,并为会员发放新会员册。At the site, we will distribute lunch wristband and the new membership directory for our members. 

* Thank Fuji Grill 2 for the support!

其他相关信息 Additional Information

停车费是$5/辆。Parking fee is $5/car. 

鸣谢 Thank Our Donors and Sponsors

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