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[2.6 更新] 2018春节系列活动 (2018 Chinese New Year Celebration Program)

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春节演出 New Year Celebration Performance

与UB孔子学院合办。Joint with UBCI.

演出时间 Time:二月17日,Feb. 17, 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM

入场时间 Auditorium Open Time: 2:00 PM

地点 Location: Center for Arts, University at Buffalo

观赏费用 Admission:免费 Free

欢迎报名成为临时志愿者,请在二月10日前联系刘岩 (If you want to volunteer for the event, please contact Yan Liu at by Feb. 10th)

新年艺术作品展 New Year Art Exhibition


元宵答谢和慈善晚宴 Lantern Festival Recognition and Charity Banquet Dinner

时间 Time:三月三日,March 3rd, 5:30 PM – 11:00 PM

地点 Location:Transit Valley Country Club, 8920 Transit Rd, East Amherst, NY 14051

场地介绍 Info on the location

 LinkThe premier family-oriented country club in Western New York.”

费用 Admission fee

二月27日前:会员和特邀嘉宾 $35/人,其他非会员 $60/人 (限于场地规模,只有前200名付费者能够保证入场)

Before Feb 27: $35 per person for members and invited guests, $60 for other nonmembers (Due to the size of the venue, only the first 200 people who pay are guaranteed the access)

想成为会员?请访问会员资格网页。Want to become a member? Please visit our membership webpage.

付费方式 Payment methods



Cash or check: Saturday morning 9:00-11:00 at the Chinese School prior to the event

Online: PayPal

要求和提醒 Restrictions and reminders




Age: 16 and above only; note that in New York State it is illegal for people under age 21 to drink alcohol.

Dress code: By the theme of the event and to show respect to others, we recommend formal style with a touch of personality.

Need for cash: For cash bar and silent auction of gift baskets.

时间表(草案) Timeline (Draft)

5:30 场地开放。有开胃菜,付费酒吧(软饮料免费,啤酒葡萄酒需付现金)。

6:30 晚餐开始。自助式,可站可坐。有葡萄酒,甜点,和咖啡。

7:30 答谢和嘉宾发言。

8:40 娱乐:传统文化猜谜。

9:00 慈善:礼物篮子无声义卖。

10:00 娱乐:美式排舞。

11:00 结束。

5:30 The venue opens to the attendees. Appetizers and a cash bar (soft drinks are free, beer and wine are not.).

6:30 Dinner starts. Buffet style. Upright or seated eating. Wine, desserts, and coffee.

7:30 Recognition speeches.

8:40 Entertainment: Traditional culture riddles.

9:00 Charity: Silent auction of gift baskets.

10:00 Entertainment: Line dance。

11:00 The end。