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[9.29 更新] 中秋传统文化集会 (Mid-Autumn Festival Chinese Cultural Fair)

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Mid-Autumn Festival Chinese Cultural Fair

时间 Time:Oct. 1st, Sunday, 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

地点 Location: The multiplex in Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church. 8445 Greiner Rd, Williamsville, NY 14221

参加费用 Admission:免费 Free

提醒 Reminder:欢迎大家届时身穿传统中式服装 Traditional Chinese clothing is recommended~~




Lots of Talents, Casual Form, Engaging Conversations

Dear members and friends, we are honored to present you this indoor event that exhibits the richness of our traditional culture. Individuals and organizations will demonstrate art and culture face-to-face, small-scale programs will be performed on stage, while delicious mooncakes and tea drinks will be served. Below is the most current update.

参展项目 Participating Programs

  • 器乐(古琴,箫),Instrumental Music (Guqin and Xiao) by Eva Pan
  • 器乐(葫芦丝),Instrumental Music (Hulusi or gourd flute) by Guojun Yang
  • 器乐(二胡),Instrumental Music (Erhu) by Wei (Shirley) Huang
  • 声乐(合唱),Vocal Music (Choir) by the Buffalo Chinese Choir
  • 舞蹈,Dancing by the Buffalo Chinese Dancing Group
  • 手工首饰,Handicraft Jewelry by Bing Zhang
  • 手工剪纸,Paper Cutting by Shelly
  • 手工月饼制作,Mooncake Making by Lan Yang and Bing Zhang
  • 书法,Calligraphy by Jiannan Wu
  • 国画,Guohua by Guiqiang Chang
  • 古董鉴赏,Antique Appreciation by Wenqiang Zhou
  • 针灸,Acupuncture and Moxibustion by Wanqing Zhang

参展机构 Participating Institutes

  • 水牛城华人基督教会,Buffalo Chinese Christian Church, BCCC
  • 水牛城卫斯理华人教会,Eastern Hills Wesleyan Chinese Church, EHWCC
  • 孔子学院,The UB Confucius Institute
  • 水牛城中文学校,Buffalo Chinese School
  • 彩虹桥学校,Rainbow Bridge Culture Center
  • Key’s Business Impact and Networking Group (the AKBING)

舞台表演 Stage Performances

多于10个的精彩节目,包括舞蹈,声乐,器乐独奏(古琴,二胡)。More than 10 programs, including dancing, singing, guqin solo, erhu solo, and so on.

赞助机构 Sponsors

  • Sincere thanks for hosting the event:  Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church 
  • China Taste 中国味道
  • An anonymous individual
  • Wok & Roll 中館
  • Oakway Realty LLC
  • America Arts INC
  • 天马迅达快递
  • Eastern Pearl Restaurant
  • Rainbow Bridge Culture Center
  • Samurai Buffalo
  • Golden Duck 金鸭子
  • Amherst Buffet
  • Food Basket USA Company Limited
  • Ocean Travel
  • KUMO Japanese Cuisine
  • Jasmine Chen
  • Windsong Radiology Group
  • Amerina Health
  • Wegmans
  • Tops
  • The Garden Group of Buffalo Chinese
  • An anonymous business
  • Buffalo Little Lamb
  • Canget BioTekpharma LLC
  • Asa Ransom House