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[2019 Mar 2] 2019 Membership Fee

By 07/05/2019March 9th, 2021No Comments

Dear members,

Happy New Year!

As we enter 2019, we are building a new team to continue to serve you and the community. A series of announcements and events will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, we need to be financially prepared for new development and maintenance. Membership fees are a fundamental part of our financial resources. Your prompt payment is deeply appreciated.

This year, we wish to make things easier for you, with two options.

  1. Checks or cash can be paid to our treasurer during school hours of Buffalo Chinese School (Every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM during school days). Write your check to “CCWNY”. Address: 1595 Hopkins Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221
  2. Click here to pay online via PayPal


CCWNY Officers 尊敬的会员们,


在步入2019之际,新的联谊会团队正在组建中,我们为您和社区的服务并未松懈。新的团队会既往不咎的为您服务!一系列的消息和活动即将推出。同时,我们需要为未来的发展和维护提供财务保障。 会员的年费是我们财务资源中重要的一部分。我们非常感谢您及时的付费。


  1. 支票或现金可以在中文学校上课期间(中文学校开学期间周六上午9点到11点)支付给我们的财务。缴纳会费前或后,请先点击此处填写会员信息登记表格
  2. 点击此处使用PayPal网上缴费



会员福利 Benefits

  • 扩大您的华人社交圈 Expand your social network in the Chinese American community
  • 注册中文学校课程 Be eligible to register the classes of Buffalo Chinese School
  • 参加协会组织的各种活动,享受折扣待遇 Participate in various activities and events organized by the CCWNY and enjoy membership discount
  • 加入邮件组和微信群,分享社区信息 Join our mailing-list and WeChat group and share information with the community

会员年费 Annual Fee

  • Family (家庭)   $50
  • Individual (个人)   $30


Before or after you make the purchase of the membership, please click here to fill in the membership registration form