Western New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce (WNY-CCC) is a non-profit organization operating under the Chinese Club of Western New York (CC-WNY). Its primary mission is to provide a platform for the local Chinese business owners, individuals, and other business entities to network and communicate. It will also function as a catalyst to promote entrepreneurship within the Chinese American community of WNY and foster beneficial collaborations between Chinese and American business.


  • Participate in chamber networking events (e.g. mid-summer cocktail gathering, Holiday banquet) with no additional cost.
  • Business presentation opportunities (business-member-only, at chamber events, or ad hoc).
  • Discounted business ads. on Chamber website


OFFICERS (2021-2022):

  • President: Jiannan Wu – jiannan.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Vice President: Jie Yin – jie.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Secretary: Wenqiang Zhou – wenqiang.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Treasure: Vivien Lin – vivien.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Executor: Zhen Jiang – zhen.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Director of Entertainment: Yi Li – yi.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Assistant Treasurer: Yang Liu – yang.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Assistant Executor: Mei Lin – mei.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Executive Consultant: Jasmine Chen – jasmine.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Team email – 2021wnyccc@gmail.com

OFFICERS (2018-2020):

  • Chair: Ms. Jasmine Chen – jasmine.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Vice-Chair: Mr. Jiannan Wu – jiannan.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Secretary: Mr. Libing Wu – libing.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Treasurer: Ms. Vivien Lin – vivien.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Development Planning: Yan Liu – yan.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Development Executive: Zhen Jiang – zhen.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Director of Program and Entertainment since 2019: Yi Li– yi.wnyccc@gmail.com
  • Director of Program and Entertainment since 2018: Yanhong Baranski – yanhong.wnyccc@gmail.com


  • 2017-2018
  • Chair: Ms. Emily Sheng
  • Vice-Chair: Mr. Maochun Qin
  • Treasurer: Ms. Li Wei
  • Secretary: Mr. Jun Wei, Mr. Libing Wu
  • Development Executive: Ms. Jasmine Chen
  • 2016-2017
  • Chair: Mr. Ken Hu
  • Vice-Chair: Ms. Emily Sheng


WNY-Chinese Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 753

Getzville, NY 14068