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[2019 Mar 9] 2019亚洲美食文化节才艺选秀

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2019亚洲美食文化节才艺选秀是为一群热爱传播亚洲文化的朋友们所准备的,希望华人社区更多的人来参与并推广西纽约首次户外亚洲美食文化节,展示在美华人风采,#Reachout 与社区内外的朋友们一起互动起来。
网上报名链接: 捐款链接:
海选时间安排: 3/8/19-3/31/19 网上提交报名信息。 4/1/19-5/17/19 提交作品视频 6/1/19-7/1/19 进行网络评比 7/1/19 宣布入围结果
西纽约华人商会WNYCCC项目执行方:怡之舞 Yi’s Dance and Fine Arts
#2019Asian Food Culture Festival Talent Show:
The 2019 Asian Food Culture Festival talent show is for a group of friends who love to spread Asian culture. I hope more people in the Chinese community will participate in and promote the first outdoor Asian food culture festival in West New York, showcasing the beauty of the Chinese, #Reachout and Friends from inside and outside the community interacted together. 
The talent show is as follows:
How to Register:
Talented and interested friends can register in the name of the unit or individual, and the team leader will contact the organizer.
Registration is free and voluntary.
The event is based on a fair and equitable attitude and all participants will participate in the election. All the selected programs will be displayed in the official window of the event. According to the number shared and liked on Facebook, the top 20 programs will be selected and the first outdoor Asian food culture festival will be presented. (Upload time does not exceed 5mins). The top 3 programs, the team leader can get a direct finalist pass in the coming year.
The patron will receive the honorary title of “Asian Cultural Ambassador” and will receive the exclusive T-shirt of the 2019 Asian Food Culture Festival.
PS: All sponsorship fees will go to the Asian Food Culture Festival special event account, not for personal use.
The organizers will give priority to programs with Asian style and elements.
Online registration link: link: schedule: 2/16/19-3/16/19 Submit registration information online. 3/16/19-5/17/19 Submit a work video 6/1/19-7/1/19 for network evaluation 7/1/19 Announced finalist results
We look forward to your joining!
Western New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce (WNYCCC)Project Executive: Yi’s Dance and Fine Arts